What is a Part 61 Flight School?

Interested in obtaining your pilot license and embark on an exciting career in aviation? Unsure what the difference between Part 61 and Part 141 Flight Schools is? Three Wing Aviation has you covered.

You don’t need any experience or aviation background to begin flying lessons (Flight School Link). Three Wing Flight Instructors (Flight Instructors Link) can teach you everything you need to know to become a proficient Private Pilot, get an Instrument Rating, or even a Commercial Rating.

… But what is a Part 61 Flight School and what are the benefits?

Benefits to a Part 61 course mainly concentrates on the flexibility it entitles. If the student needs to skip one lesson and come back to it later or is not able to train on a regular schedule, then the right choice is Part 61. This is perfect for someone trying to work a job or go to school and go through their flight training simultaneously. Due to the flexibility of Part 61, the required time to complete the program is higher.

Part 141 Flight Schools are required to use a structured training program and follow a set syllabus, which is why the time requirements are less, however you will need to put your life on hold to attend classes full-time.

Because Three Wing Aviation is a Part 61 Flight School, we train students on a one-to-one customized basis to fit your unique schedule!

Flight Experience
Part 61 Part 141
Total Time (Private License) 40 35
Solo Flight Time 10 5
Solo Cross Country 5 3
Dual Instruction 20 20
Night Flying 3 3
Cross Country 3 3
Instrument Instruction 3 3
Cross Country Distances 1 flight 100 nm distance 1 flight 100nm distance
Take Off/Landings Night 10 full stop 10 full stop
60 days prior to flight Test 3 3

Part 61 requires 40 hours of Private Pilot License flight time and 250 hours of Commercial Pilot License. For Part 141, the requirements are 35 hours for private and 190 hours for commercial.

To help with gaining the required hours, you can also train using Three Wing’s Flight Simulator.

This is an FAA approved, AATD simulator with state-of-the-art software and a fully functional cockpit. The AATD certification allows you to log time towards your ratings and lower the cost of your flight training. Using the simulator as another tool of your training can save you thousands of dollars on your instrument rating. You can log up to 20 hours on your instrument, 2.5 hours towards your Private and up to 50 hours on your commercial certificate.

Three Wing Aviation is Fairfield County, Connecticut’s Premiere Flight School. Learn to fly from CT’s best pilots. Located at Sikorsky Memorial Airport in Bridgeport/Stratford.

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