Innovators at Wave Aerospace set up shop at Three Wing Aviation

Drones traveling more than 300 miles per hour may soon take off from Three Wing Aviation in Stratford. Wave Aerospace, the maker of a new flying machine, the Huntress Turbojet hybrid-electric unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), has set up shop in a Three Wing Aviation hangar. The maker of commercial drones sold to government organizations and foreign countries for search and rescue operations has plans to expand soon and grow its staff to 40 within the year.

Wave Aerospace’s Huntress Turbojet UAV.

Wave co-founder, Mark Strauss, says they looked at many locations before choosing Bridgeport-Sikorsky Airport. The airport, strategically located on Long Island Sound, offers ample space for aircraft testing and is in close proximity to the aeronautics industry. Its location makes it an ideal hub for aeronautical innovation and development.

Wave Aerospace co-founders Steve Bofill and Mark Strauss.

“The original vision for the company was efficient flight,” Mark says. “We build aircraft that fly when no one else can.”

Ken Smith, Three Wing General Manager, couldn’t be happier about his new tenant, saying, “Wave Aerospace is literally taking off, and they fit right into our cutting-edge portfolio of businesses, which include our flight school and new simulator, our aircraft maintenance and avionics departments, Yale New Haven Health and Northwell Health’s SkyHealth helicopter, and a developing relationship with Beta Technologies’ electric aircraft.”

Ken is thrilled about the jobs Wave will bring. “We are very involved with the community, and it’s so good to hear that Wave will be adding to its workforce. It means more job opportunities for the local community.”

Three Wing Aviation is a division of RCI Group. Bob Christoph, RCI’s founder, says, “Three Wing encourages cutting-edge technology and talent, new dynamics at the airport, and the community benefits it brings. Our Bridgeport-Sikorsky Airport facility is on the front lines of the aeronautics industry.”

Wave Aerospace’s Falcon UAV.

Wave Aerospace founders Steve Bofill and Mark Strauss took very different routes to their partnership. Bofill is an accomplished aerospace engineer who has made stops at Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, and Sikorsky Aircraft. However, he says he has intentionally looked for smaller and smaller companies to work at throughout his career. His pop fame comes from his previous venture on Shark Tank, Vengo vending machines, which ended up being one of the biggest deals on the show. His partner Mark had flying in his blood; he had flown before he even drove a car. The airplane racer, Yale graduate in chemistry, and instructor of science teachers eventually became obsessed with working on toy drones before getting together with Steve to start Wave.

Steve adds, “We fly farther, better, faster, and longer than what is out there.”

Many are excited about Wave’s aircraft as it is supported by UCONN’s Technology Incubator Program, the Federal Aviation Administration, private investors, and customers, including countries such as Ecuador.

Wave Aerospace was recently featured on News12. You can watch the full story below.

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