Flight Simulator

Save thousands of dollars on your flight training!

Three Wing now has a Precision Flight Controls CRX MAX professional Flight Simulator in house. This is an FAA approved, AATD simulator with state of the art software and a fully functional cockpit. The AATD certification allows you to log time towards your ratings and lower the cost of your flight training. Using the simulator as another tool of your training can save you thousands of dollars on your instrument rating. You can log up to 20 hours on your instrument, 2.5 hours towards your Private and up to 50 hours on your commercial certificate.

The 225 degree wrap around screens make you feel like you’re in the cockpit of a real aircraft. The simulator offers over 30 different aircraft including single engine, multiengine and turboprops and all have the capability of over 50 different types of failures. Fly in all types of weather and customize your flight training to your specific needs. Train for emergency procedures, weather scenarios, failures or just practice your steep turns, the CRX MAX will definitely sharpen your skills.

Even if you’re an aviation enthusiast and just want to try the simulator, we’ll get you started. Bring a friend or family member and experience the thrill of flight without leaving the ground.

The FAA has approved the PFC CRX MAX for satisfying the following:

  • Logbook Entries
  • Logging training time
  • Instrument experience
  • Instrument Proficiency check per the Instrument ACS
  • Instrument rating; up to 20 hours
  • Private Pilot Certificate; up to 2.5 hours
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate; up to 50 hours
  • Airline Transport Pilot Certificate; up to 25 hours

Book your sim slot!

Flight school students and club members can book the simulator through their Flight Circle accounts.

No Flight Circle account? Call (203) 375-5795 to make a reservation.
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